Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sometimes when I have an idea, I get so excited that I forget about the little details. When we set out to film this adorable mini-farm in Greenbrier, TN, that’s exactly what happened. Accompanied by my friends, we had such a great day just chatting and loving on animals, that […]

Loving on a Lemur (Video)

Life is beautiful. It’s even more beautiful if you share it with a dog. Sure, call me biased. I won’t argue. Because I am. And there isn’t a bone in my body that feels bad about it. When you share your life with a dog, you share a piece of […]

My Dog Broke My Heart

  Dear Julie, Hey girl. You’ve spent a majority of your life developing friendships through love, bond, and quality time. I’ve witnessed you take care of others around you, yet although I am proud of who you strive to become; you’ve let me down. Every night you go to bed, […]

Be Kind To Yourself: An Open Letter