Monthly Archives: December 2015

We have been thwarted by gross grocery store produce this winter! We always buy organic fruits and vegetables and we cannot believe how expensive it is! Plus, they’ve not been very good lately. I just made my first-ever returned purchase to a grocery store. It was a little embarrassing when […]

Planning Our Garden (Video)

Our other one bit the dust. It was too light for the heavy work we needed to do and Jonboy was spending every free moment working on the tractor. I loved it because it was beautiful and antique (1964 International Harevester!). Leave it to me to like the pretty and […]

Learning How To Drive My Tractor (Video)

  I am sitting at our farmhouse table, in our farm house, on our farm. My mind is a bit blown with how we got here and while my feet are frozen and I am about to see my breath INSIDE the house, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This […]

Farmhouse Table