Hi! You’re here! You’re great! Welcome to my new southern life!

I’ve been dreaming about a life in the country for years. In fact, I predicted this life in 4th grade (see for yourself here). Life in the south just makes sense to me!

We live in a small southern town and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

My little slice of Internet is a flea market of my interests. When trying to decide what I should share, I did a lot of research about blogs. Most advice goes against what I am doing. It says to keep your blog focused on ONE thing. Well, that just isn’t going to work for me. Anyone who knows me soon discovers that I have many irons in the fire, many interests, and many passions. So, my blog is an education, lifestyle, DIY,  and craft confessional.

I love to teach. I’ve been a teacher for about 4 years now and I’ve learned so much about life because of it. I am passionate about reading and I hope  I can help empower families with strategies and tools to use to support reading at home! Basically, I am a reading teacher nerd (and proud of it!!!!).

If you’re a special education teacher, I’d like to take a moment to THANK YOU and to spread some love your way. You’re fighting the good fight. Stick around. We can learn from each other. If you’re thinking of becoming one, read this. I wish there was more dialogue about the reality of this rewarding and demanding career.

You can find me on our mini-farm. We have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 mini-donkeys, and 2 horses! I’d just like to go on record and say that five of the animals Jonboy said we couldn’t get. He plays tough, but we all know real men love animals.

Anything to do with antiques or old junk is my jam and butter. Give me all the rusty, dusty, and stinky finds in your attic, shed, or barn. Don’t even get me started on thrift stores and yard sales. I hoard shutters of all sizes. They’re beautiful and yes, someday I will make all those amazing Pinterest finds. Sometimes I find myself narrating my own design show. I should probably see someone about that…

If I can glue it, paint it, sand it, or build it , it will happen. Jonboy and I have developed our own little husband/wife design team. If I can do a humble brag here…..he’s pretty darn talented. Ladies, marry a handyman! Your mind will explode with possibilities of renovations!

I thrive on the hunt for the perfect treasure, but what I love most are the stories that people I meet along the way share with me.


Quick Facts:

I have a french fry problem. It’s only a problem for other people. #allthefriesplease

I have a BA in Theater Arts, MA is Special Education  and NC in cooking (No Clue).

I’m incredibly allergic to cats. When I cuddle Rodeo, I have to put on my “cat suit”.

Miranda Lambert is my spirit animal.

I once asked a friend to teach me to bake jell-0. I am still learning how to cook and clean and I’ll share my stories along the way (maybe I’ll tell you how I accidentally made 8 large pans of lasagna for 2 people….)

The high schoolers voted me “Looks Most Like a Student”, so I decided to stop shopping at Forever 21 for my work clothes.

Clinically obsessed with animals.

I’ve started saying, “That’s my jam and butter!” when I find a treasure.

I say “potty” no matter black tie or back yard. I can’t stop. The dogs “go potty”, thus we all. Right?

So, that’s my nutshell. I’m a sparkly nut.

And I have four different shades of blue on my wall that need my immediate attention.



Love all the dogs,