Farm Life

I¬† never thought I could love a vegetable as much as I love my tomatoes. They’re growing so well and they’re so strong. Of course I feed them, er, water them religiously. They’re more than just a round little vegetable of goodness: they’re my friends. They’re also little reminders that […]

Farm 101: Don’t Pet the Tomatoes

That’s it. That’s all I needed. Now our farm is complete. Except for our chickens in the spring. And maybe a puppy I find in a box on the side of the road (why does everyone but me find boxes of abandoned puppies??? I did pull a kitten from the […]

Meet our Mini Donkeys!

We have been thwarted by gross grocery store produce this winter! We always buy organic fruits and vegetables and we cannot believe how expensive it is! Plus, they’ve not been very good lately. I just made my first-ever returned purchase to a grocery store. It was a little embarrassing when […]

Planning Our Garden (Video)

Our other one bit the dust. It was too light for the heavy work we needed to do and Jonboy was spending every free moment working on the tractor. I loved it because it was beautiful and antique (1964 International Harevester!). Leave it to me to like the pretty and […]

Learning How To Drive My Tractor (Video)

Sometimes when I have an idea, I get so excited that I forget about the little details. When we set out to film this adorable mini-farm in Greenbrier, TN, that’s exactly what happened. Accompanied by my friends, we had such a great day just chatting and loving on animals, that […]

Loving on a Lemur (Video)