$10 Yard Sale Make Over!

I love a good deal. I love yard sales. I especially love a good deal at a yard sale!

I scored this wooden desk for ten bucks at a community yard sale!! It was a classic white and gold desk. I love seeing this exact desk pop up on TV shows and movies set in the 60s and 70s!

desk original

It had a crack along the top, which I filled in with wood filler. Somehow it also managed to lose a chunk of wood from the front trim, which I fixed with wood glue and then filler.

wood glue

Next, I sanded it with an electric hand sander.


desk liner

I painted it a robin egg blue. I tried to get as close to a Tiffany & Co box as I could because I LOVE that color!


I spray painted the bronze handles with black and then sanded them for a bit of a distressed look.


This desk has had many roles over the years. Currently, I am sitting at it and smiling because it’s been a good little desk! It needs some TLC after a few moves since it was redone, but I still get a lot of compliments and offers to buy it!




There ya go! Go find yourself some yard sale furniture to play around with!!


There’s no wrong way to be creative with furniture, unless of course, you don’t even try!

xoxo Julie

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