Antique Feed Bag as Farmhouse Decoration

I found this bag hanging in the back on a very narrow booth in an antique mall in Tennessee. Old and textured fabrics tend to catch my eye, so when I saw this, I quickly ran over and did what I always do first: check the price tag. For less than 25 bucks, I took this little bag home. (I have to be honest and admit that I am so cheap that 25 bucks was a bit of a sticker shock for me…)

Jonboy helped me find the right hook at Hobby Lobby, which was on sale for two bucks!


And…wa la!  I filled it with dried flowers that I purchased years ago at a yard sale in Denver. I love the tiny pop of color.




Here it is next to the galvanized chicken feeder!




I encourage you to continue to think and look outside the box when decorating your home!


My walls are still bare as I try to find the perfect pieces. I’ve waited a long time to have  a home to call my own, and I am in no hurry to throw just any old piece on the walls.

xoxo Julie

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