DIY Succulent and Milk Glass Decorations




I inherited this milk glass set from my beautiful grandmother. Milk glass is a staple around the south. In fact, it’s so common that on any given day of the week you can find it on the kitchen supplies aisle at any thrift store. As we’ve been living in the south, I’ve developed more and more appreciation for it. Some milkglass is antique and worth quite a bit of money, while others are common and very inexpensive. So, if you want to replicate this, it could essentially cost you as low as four dollars a decoration.


My succulents were from Lowe’s and ran about a dollar to two dollars per plant from Lowe’s.





I love how bright the glass is in comparison to the green of the succulents. Succulents are fairly low-maintenance, so even if you’re a serial plant killer, you should be able to hang with these guys.IMG_8469Succulent




I haven’t decided where they’ll end up permanently, so for now they’re in the window with lots of light!

xoxo Julie

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