Galvanized Chicken Feeder as Farmhouse Decoration


I LOVE bringing in mixed mediums. I particularly love rustic and industrial farm tools/equipment next to clean interior spaces. I recently painted our entryway shiplap white, so I’ve been on the hunt for decorations.


I really do not like “sets” and “matchy matchy” decorations that look like they could appear in anyone’s home. Don’t get me wrong: I still have a TON of those type of decorations, it’s just that I am slowly weaning them out as I grow into my own style.


I love to antique shop. Mom once owned an antique booth and she instilled a love of all things old. As a young girl, we would have mommy/daughter dates to antique shops. I LOVED it. I still do. We still go whenever we can! I love having so many blank walls currently, because it means I have to hunt for the perfect decoration.


I found this galvanized hanging chicken feeder at a local antique store last week when I was with mom. She helped talk me down from buying three of them..which was a good choice.  I LOVE it, but I don’t need three. I was about to go overboard…something at which I am am very good!!


This week I found dried lavender at another antique mall, so as of now, this is how it looks. I am sure I’ll add and/or switch out the contents of the feeder, but I love the purple color pop.


Anything that has rust stays. I love rust. I’d prefer it if all my decorations had rust. I do think it may be time to post a sign on my door asking my guests to make sure they have their tetanus shot, though….;)

Here’s a tip for finding farm tools and/or equipment to use as decorations: go to the car and tools booths at antique stores, flea markets, or even at thrift stores.

Think outside the “manufactured decorations” box and have fun!





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