Meet our Mini Donkeys! 2

Donkeys That’s it.

That’s all I needed.

Now our farm is complete.

Except for our chickens in the spring.

And maybe a puppy I find in a box on the side of the road (why does everyone but me find boxes of abandoned puppies??? I did pull a kitten from the median of the interstate, but where my puppies at??!).

Meet our newest members of JJ Ranch! Doc and Bingo!  Doc is  1.5 years and Bingo (his brother) is 6 months!


Here we are meeting Bingo when he was a week old!


Donkeys Donkeys

We went through Newman Flick Farm in Ashland City, TN. Kristen Newman has been my kindred spirit for many years now and I absolutely love her husband and their son. She got me into mini-donkeys! Their donkeys are so sweet. Not only do they come up for kisses and lean on you for affection, but they alert you of predators.


Newman Flick Farm loves on their animals like it’s going out of style. If you want a mini-donkey, they are the only ones I recommend. They imprint of their babies from day 1 (handling, cuddling, etc). They’re on Facebook!


It’s been just 3 days since the donkeys joined my farm and I couldn’t be happier.

Jonboy has no desire to have donkeys, but he has gone along with all my animal obsessions, because, well, he is amazing. I married a good one. He has been working hard putting together a donkey shelter. I will be painting it barn red once it’s done!



Everyone keeps saying, “But what are you going to do with them?” Um….love on them? (Duh).

I’ve basically fulfilled a childhood dream by building our mini farm with 2 horses, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 mini donkeys. That’s it. No more.  😉 ALL my animals demand my affection and just to do my daily rounds of lovings take at least a few hours. It’s such a blessing and they’re all definitely my saving graces.


So, if you invite me out and I say I have plans…I do.




I own a farm. And you can see how amazing I dress myself.


I’m busy loving, mucking, chasing, cuddling, sneezing, and training. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.





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2 thoughts on “Meet our Mini Donkeys!

  • Michele Laughlin

    Hi Julie, your blog is SOOO fun!!! I love your latest critters….I can’t wait for you to have peeps, pullets, hens and cocks and more peeps!! I miss my chickens so much! They were such loving, sweet and fun animal companions. However…you should think about goats next year. Just saying’…goats are super fun and very entertaining and get along with lots of other animals. I have several friends who have goats (ok, I have friends who have Llamas too and LOVE them) but goats are soo sweet!! Keep up the good work- I love the photos and your comments on your country blog!!