An Open Letter to 2015 Playmate of the Year (Or, 2016 Playboy Playmate who Exposed a Woman’s Naked Body at The Gym),

An Open Letter to  2015 Playmate of the Year (Or, 2016 Playboy Playmate who Exposed a Woman’s Naked Body at The Gym),

When did you miss the life lesson about being a basic decent human? BASIC. The bar is not very high.

It’s simple.   Your body is YOURS to decide what to do with it.   You have chosen to expose it in the pages of Playboy, and while this is absolutely not a commentary on your career choice, it is, however, a commentary on your soulless decision to expose ANOTHER WOMAN’S NAKED BODY  against her knowledge. And on the Internet.

You should thank your stars you did not do that to me. If you had, you’d be in jail, penniless, and exposed to the wrath of my friends and family…and I don’t even want to mention what my father would do to you in the courtroom.   I can’t help but feel fire in my gut. What if this was my mom? What if it was my sister, daughter, or student?

I am not in the mood to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you were a student, yes, I would acknowledge your horrible decision and the damage you have done, but let’s face it, I bet you’ve received enough of those “talks” in life to get you to this point in life.   You’re an adult. It’s time to act accountable. It’s time to get it together and be a BASIC DECENT HUMAN BEING.

 It’s plain and simple.   That woman’s body?  It’s. Not.Your. Body.

Stay in your own lane.

Proudly display your body. Cash in your paychecks. Do what YOU want with YOUR body.

But do NOT take down unsuspecting women around you. You. Have. Your. Own. Body.  DO NOT EXPOSE OTHERS.

I do wonder, do you even believe what you did was wrong?  I don’t know you from Adam. Maybe you have a million redeeming qualities, Maybe you are an amazing friend and daughter. But what you did was wrong. So, so wrong.  I do know one truth: no matter how disgusted and heartbroken I am over your actions, we have a God who loves you and loves that woman as well. He carefully and purposefully crafted not only YOUR body, but her body as well. He will continue to love his children, no matter the actions we do.

This may come as a surprise, but not all women believe their naked bodies are for public forum and ridicule. Some women believe it sacred and only for those in which they choose.  But just for argument’s sake, even if she felt the opposite, it’s up to HER to decide when and where.

Your looks and naked body may have gotten you this far in your career, but your morals are now naked before the world to see.  And it can’t be unseen, but it can be changed.  Women need to feel safe with their bodies, not afraid of public ridicule and body-shaming (especially in the confines of a gym sauna).

You say this was a mistake?

Prove it to us and try clothing yourself with integrity.


  If you’re not familiar with this story, here are the basics: Playboy model takes a naked photo of a woman in the gym, shames her for her body, and posts it to social media.

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