So This is 30

So This is 30


I’ve learned a few things since turning 30.


Like a lot of people, 30 was a hard birthday for me. It sounded old, but I still felt really young.  In talking with other girlfriends in their 30s, I realized that I was not alone.


So, why is entering your 30s so hard?


I once summed up turning 30 with two words: expectations and mourning.


We expect ourselves to have completed or be on our way to complete our life goals. We expect to have accomplished something noteworthy enough to share with the world.


And some of us do.

In fact, most of us do.

But if this is true, why is it so hard for us to believe?


I think it’s because of the magic. 20s was magical.  20s represented true adulthood in the eyes of society. It was a decade of possibilities and it was a platform to dream, make mistakes, and get away with a few (or more…) wild days.


30 feels like a goodbye to a decade of magic and free passes that was built up the first two decades of our lives. 20s is filled with new careers, hometowns, relationships, and learning. When we turn 30, there comes a new pressure that we shouldn’t be as wild, or that we shouldn’t be making the same mistakes as we once did.


Sure, to a degree perhaps that is true due to maturation and experience, but why does it have to feel like a mourning of an era?


This is how I felt turning 30.


Then, I did something crazy:  I lived a GREAT year as a 30 year old woman. And then another as a 31 year old woman.


And the only thing that sucked was my metabolism.


With 30 came new confidence in myself.  I slowly started caring less about ruffling feathers and more about staying true to myself. I began putting myself out there in friendships, and I began analyzing my actions more carefully to make sure the next path was a great one.


As I round the corner to 32, I feel thankful that I had such an amazing decade of my 20s. Did I get my dream job in my 20s? YES! Do I still love that same job in my 30s? YES!


Do you remember when 30 sounded so old? Now when I tell someone my age, I feel like I’ve earned a badge of honor. There feels an instant line of respect given just based on my age.  I don’t feel the need to prove myself to other as often. With 30 comes a catalogue of three decades of decisions, friendships, love, laughter, tears, pain, loss, and adventure that delivered me to who I am today.


Am I perfect? NO! But I am completely in love with this new decade. It brings new dreams, hopes, and the power of the unknown. It’s not mourning for my 20; it’s celebrating my 30s with my new attitude and confidence.


The world seems a lot less out-of-reach and a lot more “at my fingertips.”


So, cheers to us in our 30s! And for those of you in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s…how beautiful it is to live through each chapter of your life. It’s up to us to find our own magic, no matter the number of age life has assigned us!


I am not taking this decade for granted.


And I am not mourning the loss of anything from my 20s!


Except my metabolism.


Xoxo Julie


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