A place that was once so far away. A place I worked so hard to get to. Here. A place I temporary stray and fight to come back to.

I’ve had a hard time getting here. It’s scary, it’s vulnerable, and it’s real.

But so is life.

So, HERE I am. Ready to let you know, that YOU too, can CHOOSE to be HERE. I AM HAPPY. I feel victorious. But I am also prepared to battle any oncoming wars.

I’d love to proclaim: I have anxiety, anxiety does not have me!


But if I am being real..sometimes it does.

What caused my anxiety? Well, that’s my private story. And yours is, too. What’s not private, is the fact that you’re HERE, right now, seeking out any bit of insight you can get. I am proud of you. <3

But I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I have TOO many people asking me HOW I have coped with (at times) debilitating anxiety.

Here’s what has worked for me:


1) Diet change, I cut out Gluten and corn (two things I am allergic to). Stop eating junk. Easier said than done- I KNOW.

2) Exercise. This is sporadic, but I am fighting a daily internal battle to stop eating my feelings. I have packed on 25 pounds in a few months, so clearly when I say “battle” I mean all out WAR. Put the pizza down….Okay. Now I want pizza. Ahh.

3) Fight. I fight through it. There are a few days I want to call out of work, cancel social plans, curl up and hide,  but that’s when it is most important to FIGHT. So, how I do successfully fight it? Friend, I don’t always. But, I try. The worst thing for me is to succumb to it. I surround myself with people I love. I walk away if I need to (restroom, get some water, get some air, make a phone call).

I remember sweating profusely at a friend’s baby shower. I was red and hot and my heart was pounding and I thought everybody could see it. I stayed for her, but I did take 5 “restroom trips” within two hours.

4) Find a support system. You need a friend to lean on. Whether it’s your best friend or spouse–you need someone to help you process your anxiety. My success has been in asking my best friend to “Help me process what I am thinking and why because I am having a hard time sorting my thoughts alone.”

5) Seek a professional. This is my most important piece of advice. Sometimes you’ll meet with a therapist who doesn’t help you the way you need…it’s okay to therapist shop! Find one that fits, that challenges you, that listens to you, and that makes you feel safe. Do it now.

6) Essential oils. I LIVE by lavender essential oil. It can be in your soap, in your body wash, your candle, your oil for your wrist…it works so well.

7) Identify your triggers. I know for me one trigger I have is when I am late and I am going to miss something. When there are events like this (plays, movies, parties), I make sure I plan and arrive extra-early.

8) Find your solace. My happy place is when I am with my animals and when I am outside. I find peace and rest with these things. You need to find yours and seek it out.

9) Be honest. If you are struggling–let somebody you trust know. There is 0 reason why you should be alone.

10) Find a spiritual place. I have been finding God again and He’s been working little wonders on me.

11) Know your limitations. When you need a night to you, take it, but do what brings you some peace. Don’t hide. Please.


13) Take action and stop blaming. Do something. Stop blaming others. Start making small choices to change regardless what you feel inside. I promise, your exterior actions will seep to your insides and pretty soon you’ll feel stronger than ever.


I sought out natural remedies and had a bit of success.

My anxiety is not something I allow to control me. Even when I am at my height, I fight like hell to work through it. But…I don’t do it alone!

I always clam up and hide after posts like this. I feel exposed. I feel vulnerable. But I also feel empowered. Please don’t let your anxiety define who you are. And please don’t let anyone dismiss your concerns, fears, or thoughts. You are in the middle of a fight and you need to realize how BRAVE you are.


I am a joyous person with so many beautiful people and animals in my life. What do I have to be anxious about? Well, anxiety does not discriminate.Sometimes it’s brought on from environmental impacts, chemical wiring, trauma, and pain. It can impact all types of types. I have worked so hard to spread joy even in the midst of anxiety. I have found that I do have a story and I do have a voice to encourage many people around me who seek out my advice. Guys, I am figuring this out as I go, but it’s important to remember, I am not figuring this out ALONE.

Be strong!  And be kind to others. You’re strong and you’re weak, but in the moments of weakness, you’re building strength.  Anxiety- the ever-impacting paradox of mental health.





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