We have been thwarted by gross grocery store produce this winter! We always buy organic fruits and vegetables and we cannot believe how expensive it is! Plus, they’ve not been very good lately. I just made my first-ever returned purchase to a grocery store. It was a little embarrassing when […]

Planning Our Garden (Video)

Goodness. Farming is hard work. I didn’t realize how convenient my life had been until we started building our mini-farm. I will say that I love it. It’s a beautiful life living in the middle of nowhere, but fences don’t build themselves. With two horses already here and two miniature […]

How to Build Fence Posts for Animal Pastures (Video)

Our other one bit the dust. It was too light for the heavy work we needed to do and Jonboy was spending every free moment working on the tractor. I loved it because it was beautiful and antique (1964 International Harevester!). Leave it to me to like the pretty and […]

Learning How To Drive My Tractor (Video)

This may be hard to imagine, but I was voted “Most Spirited” my senior year of high school. If I had my yearbook, I’d share the photo of me wearing our mascot’s uniform with you all, but I guess you’ll have to take my word for it! I was so […]

Why School Spirit Matters

  I am sitting at our farmhouse table, in our farm house, on our farm. My mind is a bit blown with how we got here and while my feet are frozen and I am about to see my breath INSIDE the house, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This […]

Farmhouse Table

When my best friend dumped me seven years ago, I felt betrayed. BFFs forever right? Not for us. What happens when lines get blurred and best friends stop being kind and supportive? Toxicity. A world without boundaries is a world where friendships go to die. When we become our own […]

When My Best Friend Dumped Me

This week has marked the three year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shootings. As I browsed through Facebook, I saw many posts and articles about the obvious heartbreak of this event. No, not event: massacre. We’re continually being reminded in our schools of the traumatic shootings in school […]

The Traumatic Impact of Active-Shooter Lockdown Drills: From A Teacher ...

We were sitting in the living room (a section of my classroom with a rug, a large chair, a couch, stools, bean bags, and chairs) during a literature circle for The Hunger Games and I asked the question, “Who would you ally with in the arena and why?” My tallest […]

Becoming the Teacher Who Doesn’t Yell

Dear Bigot, Never in my life have I been so disgusted with social media. No, not social media: YOU. The problem is YOU. In the midst of tragedy, you run to your Newsfeed and abandon all regard for humanity. Your views are arrogant. In fact, I am surprised your finger […]

Get off your bigot box! (I Refuse to Listen)

This week I realized that it’s okay to do a ” drive-by fake smile”. Here’s why: Because people deserve it. Try taking away the negative connotation that the word “fake” brings and replace it with the mindset that drive-by smiles are not suppose to be for us. “Drive-by smiles” are […]

When It’s Okay to “Fake Smile”: The drive-by smile people ...